Our Story

The idea for The Kitchen Block came during a visit to Hermosillo, Mexico. After seeing street taco vendors using wood stumps to chop their meats it became apparent that theirs is the optimal method. With antibacterial qualities and its knife-forgiving surface, wood is the ideal medium for chopping meats and vegetables. Our purpose is to continue this tradition using wood byproducts from furniture-makers right here in the USA.

We set up shop in Phoenix, Arizona to set up shop because the climate is ideal for wood manufacturing, naturally drying it out to the proper moisture content. There are a number of furniture factories in this area that service much of the High Desert and the Pacific Southwest so the walnut and maple cut offs are plentiful. Though manufacturing cutting boards from smaller pieces of wood is more labor intensive, we see the value and importance in reusing materials and salvaging wood that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

When you’re buying from us, you’re supporting a green product.

Thank you and please enjoy your Kitchen Block!